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Our flexible tanks used as running surface

On 27 July 2017
Our flexible tanks used as running surfaceOur flexible tanks used as running surfaceOur flexible tanks used as running surface
When walking on water becomes possible

Application of inflatable water tank

The Gardens of Brocéliandes, is an amusement park in Brittany with several attractions designed to sharpen the human senses like taste, smell, etc. One of these attractions is called « Awaken your Feet » and is designed to increase sensitivity of soles by experimenting with different materials and textures. One part of this course had to be soft and pliable to simulate wave movement.

Limitations :

  • High stress on the material due to large number of users

  • Integration of the running surface as part of the course

The association for advancement of people with disabilities (A.P.H.Le Pommeret), which is managing the Gardens of Broceliandes, contacted Pronal about designing this part of the course. Objective: the visitors should have a feeling of walking on water. To achieve this, a flexible tank filled with water was the solution.

Our solution : flexible water tank ?


Based on the requirements of this application, Pronal selected a product from the existing production range: a flexible storage tank. Our teams designed a custom tank that would meet all of the requirements perfectly. In order to guarantee performance and durability, a number of modifications of the existing product were necessary.

Interview Moment


We designed this special attraction so that children would be able to feel their naked feet. We are always looking for new materials and have tested a variety of flexible products (mats..), however most of them proved unsuitable for this application. We came up with the idea of using a flexible water storage tank commonly used by fire brigades. We then asked Pronal to design 2 reinforced flexible tanks according to our size requirements. The advantages of this solution are custom design and increased life expectancy due to additional reinforcements.

We are very satisfied with Pronal’s cooperation and we highly recommend them for these types of products.

Gérard Breillot – Direction of A.P.H.Le Pommeret

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