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Ours partners

Over a number of years, Pronal has developed technological and commercial partnerships throughout the world. These links reinforce the presence of Pronal, and allow numerous companies to enjoy the benefits of innovative solutions. Accordingly, technical solutions developed by Pronal are available for distribution via its partners in many sectors of activity, in the form of standard or tailor-made products.

Every year, new partnerships are established in the interests of improved customer service and the development of beneficial synergies.

A presentation of the companies who collaborate with our business is set out below.

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GROUPE RONDOT is servicing the container glass industry through the supply of unique products and customized engineering solutions for more than 60 years.

The product range comprises of products manufactured by Groupe Rondot companies such as Rondot SAS, Graphoidal and Sonicam

All Groupe Rondot products and equipment have been developed thanks to a close cooperation with customers we are serving worldwide.



ALTOO and PRONAL have successfully developed a patented flood defense technology : barrage against water and flooding aiming to lower our vulnerability face to natural risks (mainly flooding, but also possible implementations against pollutions...).
Enabling to protect quickly buildings, goods & populations, it can lower significantly the damages done by water due to climate change and over-urbanization (and therefore spare dramatic consequences on the economy, social & environment).

That anti-flooding removable & retractable barrage is a flood defense line composed of two or three flexible pipes, assembled in an elastomeric pyramidal-shaped structure being filled with water. That system is perfectly impermeable to water penetration and does not slip nor pivot upon water pressure. That barrage can therefore contain a significant amount of water or polluting fluids.

Engineering, expertise consultancy, technical training & assistance are at the same time proposed, aiming to implement the barrage in the most efficient way.


ARQUUS, Constructeur de véhicules tout terrain depuis 1948



ACMAT, designs and manufactures a wide range of 4WD, 6WD trucks and trailers on robust all-welded steel chassis. ACMATs 60 years of expertise are based on designing the best custom-made mobility solutions in terms of endurance, survivability and robustness.

 Nowadays, more than 12,000 VLRA, BASTION and ALTV are performing military missions, security and peacekeeping operations in more than 50 nations, in Europe, Afrique, Middle-East, Latin America and Asia. ACMAT is a subsidiary of RENAULT TRUCKS DEFENSE.






PRONAL and SOFRAD groups, strong of their 50 years experience in fire, rescue and flexible / inflatable structures (Elastomers, plastomers, composites) join together to create SOFRAD HSE Company.


The company SAT, Serviço Aero Técnico develops and installs since more than 10 years aircraft refuelling systems from flexible and rigid tanks. With more than 25 years of experience providing tanks and material for storage and transport of fuel for land, air and water SAT is present in national and international market.

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