What you need to know to choose the right oil compensator for your system

What you need to know to choose the right oil compensator for your system

Why protect oïl in your hydraulic systems?

Many systems, such as  sluices, work with oil. In order to preserve oil characteristics and to prevent oil to damage the system parts (life lenght of hydropower plants depending on oil quality), oil has to be protected from humidity and potential ambiant dust.

How protect effectively oïl in your hydraulic systems?

A dryer can be installed directly on the oil tank. Air is then filtered and fill in progressively the tank which empties oil when  system claims for oil to work properly. This solution is unfortunately expensive regarding maintenance, especially for replacement and oil analysis.That is why we develop a new cost effective and maintenance-free  : our EXP compensator.

Our flexible EXP compensator protects oil inside or outside your tanks. Once installed, this permanent solution enables a 10-year maintenance-free  compensation of oil volume ! The EXP compensator is reusable in case of modification of your hydraulic system (oil tank), as long as oil is still compatible.

EXP inflatable separators
EXP inflatable separators

What should you know to choose the right EXP ?

  • the oil volume to be compensated and the dimensions of your tank so that our engineers can quote the most suitable compensator. Its shape can then be square, rectangular, long rectangular  or circular, according to the available space in your tank.
  • the safety volume so as to prevent your tank from vacuum or the compensator to be damaged in case of loss in oil volume.
  • the oil type so as to assess oil compatibility with our materials for EXP : either Nitrile PVC or polyurethane. Knowing all this will prevent the system of oil compensation to be damaged !


  • Can be stored and re-used
  • Can be installed inside or outside the system


  • Optimal protection of oil
  • Protection against humidity
  • Protection against dust


  • No maintenance
  • Light and easy to install