MPFM - Measuring Pumping Filtration ModulesMPFM - Measuring Pumping Filtration Modules

MPFM - Measuring Pumping Filtration Modules

Measuring Pumping Filtration Modules (MPFM) are key elements in downstream fuel logistics for diesel, kerosene, petrol, or avgas. When employed in a secondary or advanced fuel depot, in both civil and military contexts, this single unit can house all the devices that are required for:

  • Unloading,
  • Loading (dome or source),
  • Micro-filtering particles (up to 10 microns),
  • Separate water from the product,
  • Degassing the fuel before it is measured,
  • Measuring delivered or received fuel.

The use of micro-filtration, with an effective flow rate of 200 lpm up to 1000 lpm, means that the product can be stored directly as it is unloaded without the necessity of temporary storage in a receiving tank. This makes fuel management easier and minimizes the amount of time that trucks may be immobilized. Switching from unloading to loading mode has been centralized by the use of a 5-way mechanical valve. Only one manipulation is needed to switch from one position to the other.

Depending on the modularity and mobility required by the client, these compact modules can be installed on a tarpaulin-covered or mesh frame skid, in a container, or on a trailer. Because they are installed in an iso 20′ maritime container, their relatively modest dimensions mean that the remaining side of the container can be equipped as a pump operator’s cabin or a technical room.



  • Compartmentalized ISO 20″ maritime container equipped to perform as a pump operator’s cabin/office
  • Simple design
  • Connects to any type of tank


  • Installed on a retention tank
  • Equipped with an emergency stop and a full complement of fire protection measures (extinguisher, signage…)


  • Commissioning time: 30 min
  • Can be supplied in a mesh frame
  • Equipped with a forklift pocket for easy removal from the container

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Our design department employs the best project leaders and designers and will be pleased to develop and create a tailor-made product specially for your unique project.



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