Overlaps Seals

Overlaps Seals are open inflatable seals that are designed to create a water and airtight seal between two cylindrical components. Because these seals are open, they can be easily positioned and installed even in a narrow space. Their two chamfered ends can be overlapped, creating a perfect seal when they are inflated.

Overlaps Seals are used for:

  • repairing corrosion damage,
  • ensuring a seal around pipes for welding operations.



  • Can be reused
  • Equalization when pressurized
  • Can withstand a pressure of 10 Bar


  • Modular design adapting to different configurations
  • Can be inflated with air, water, or resin
  • Can adapt to a potential ovality


  • Can adapt to confined spaces
  • Produced in accordance with the client’s specifications
  • Can be used for large diameters

Detailed information

  • Material: NPVC
  • Technique: hot vulcanization in a vacuum autoclave
  • Max. inflation pressure: 10 bar and more
  • Inflation: by air and water
  • Temperature resistance: -20°C to +90°C
  • Max. thickness: +/-25 mm

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