Pipelines to transport fluids (water, wastewater, hydrocarbons, etc.) or gaseous products can be extended around several kilometers underground or above the ground. For this, pipeline installation companies assemble many sections. When it’s connected the fluid can be transported continuously from point A to point B.

However, these intersections are a source of possible leaks if the assembly has been not correctly carried out (pollution, dirty or deteriorated joints, imperfect welding, etc.). Studies estimate an average loss around of fluid 20% because of network leaks. In addition to a waste of material, it’ll be necessary to work and maintenance again… This generate an obvious loss of money.

Before this, it’s necessary to carry out a coupling test of the pipes, at the junction to avoid this problem.

Avoid the leaks from a pipe network

In Israel, a fiberglass pipe manufacturing and installation company, Fibertech was looking for an effective solution to prevent leaks during assembly. Indeed, working on various projects or as a subcontractor, this company is required to set up kilometers of network per day.

To achieve these pipe distances, it connects sections together by coupling. It’s to this connection between two pipes, that a leak can appear. These leaks can cause:

  • significant losses of fluid for their customers,
  • lost of time for future work and maintenance on the network,
  • also losses of money for obvious causes.
Fibertech assemblage de canalisations

The causes of leaks are diverse, not to mention apart from the natural deterioration of the pipes. This is why it was imperative for Fibertech to make a pipe coupling test leak test directly during assembly. This tool allowed that the hose connection does not show any leaks.

To do this, the company fabricated a metal mechanism with rollers to move the equipment inside the pipe. Indeed it was missing a tool to:

  • adapt to the manufactured metal structure,
  • adhere to the fiberglass without damaging it,
  • withstand a pressure of 12 bar,
  • and to be tailor-made to the dimensions of the 2 types of pipes.

Pipe coupling test to check the connection with pneumatic cylinder

The pipe manufacturing company turned to Pronal for the supply of an inflatable flexible tube or toric cylinder. Equipped with 2 air chambers, this cylinder inflates on either side of the coupling. It placed against the wall, the jack completely isolates this.

Air pressure will spread in the middle of it, between the two pipes and the fitting. This pressure is pushed to + 5 bar. Once the pipe pressure test has been carried out, the cylinder will give an indication of the tightness.

So there are two scenarios:

  • If a drop in pressure is recorded, there is a leak. It will then be necessary to modify the installation of the connection between the two sections.
  • If there is no pressure loss, the hose coupling is assembled correctly. Coupling test tooling can be moved quickly and network installation can resume.
Coupling test equipment of pipes
vérin torique d'étanchéité de canalisations

The inflatable tube has been designed to withstand 12 bar of pressure. Our engineering office has studied it so that it doesn’t damage the fiberglass in the pipes. Also, the product exists in two versions for the different diameters of existing pipes.

Therefore this inflatable solution has been studied to be:

  • simple and quick to use: air inflation via a compressor;
  • easy to move due to its lightness;
  • abrasion resistant;
  • adapted to its structure;
  • and reusable!

Conclusion of this coupling test tool

The Israeli company has been in communication with our design office throughout the making of this product. Our engineers understood Fibertech’s expectations by creating the ideal and tailor-made tool for this project.

The advantage of having coupling test equipment has given Fibertech the ability to verify the quality of pipe leaks upon installation. This atypical pipe leak tightness test tool allows them to:

  • save time by avoiding possible maintenance due to leaks,
  • avoid wasting customer products,
  • to ensure a perfect pipe connection,
  • and to be relieved of a job well done!

Thanks to a quality and resistant product, Fibertech will be able to use it on kilometers of pipe, without slowing down its speed.

Would you like more information on this project?

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