During the handling of powders, we find draining, filling or transfer stages between two processes, especially in big bags. We fill the big bag with a machine through which the product passes, the bag is placed underneath. This work is repetitive and can be time consuming if we don’t have the right technique.

Needs and constraints

During these handling steps, problems can occur such as holding the big-bag at the filling head and sealing. These problems unfortunately create losses of output (powders, granules,…) but also of time and money.

Indeed, for each filling, an operator comes to install the big bag around the machine. In order to avoid product loss, he places a strap around the bag to tighten it around the machine’s supply pipe. First of all, this solution is not practical and wastes a lot of time for the operator. Moreover, it is not efficient. Indeed, even with the strap installed over it, there is a loss of product and therefore of money. Moreover, this propagation of material in the nature is not good for the environment.

That is why manufacturers of powder handling machines came to us to find a much more efficient solution. So we offered them our inflatable annular seals, also known as inflatable joints.

To meet their needs, a few constraints had to be respected:

  • To realize the sealing between the filling hopper and the big-bag sleeve,
  • Easy and quick installation,
  • Compatible with food supplies
  • Maintain the sleeve during the filling process
joint gonflable pour manchette de big bag
vérin torique
inflatable jack*

Our inflatable joints as a solution

Pronal has developed a solution for holding and sealing the top liner to facilitate the filling of big bags.

Made from polyurethane, these inflatable joints hold the liner around the filling nozzle and contain any dust spread in the environment.

The lifting bag is installed around the pipe called a hopper that brings in the product. When it inflates, it compensates for the gap between the diameter of the hopper and the diameter of the big bag liner. The pressure exerted by the seal, maintains the sleeve and ensures the seal. As a result, there is no more product loss during the flow. The operator no longer needs to hold the bag during the installation of the strap. This makes his work easier

“ These inflatable joints, easily integrated into the machine, allowed us to reduce the installation time of the sleeve by 2. We have totally adopted this solution which allows us to gain in productivity and to limit our intervention, for more safety! ”
Mickaël F.
Conditioning Operator

Conclusion about our solution

This sleeve solution is now part of the vast majority of filling machines from this designer. This system adapts to all diameters and the materials are adapted to the products in contact.

Would you like more information on this project?

Vous pouvez contacter nos experts qui sont adeptes de ce genre de projet pour avoir plus d’informations et être conseillé

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