As part of French DECI (outdoor fire defense, mandatory upgrading for the companies) our French partner, manufacturer of solar panels needs several fire water systems to fight against fire risks with in its 5 sites. After verification & validation from the French SDIS (fire and secure department service), he has installed a 120m3 tanks on every sites.

Our flexible products have been selected to answer him needs, thank to their good value for money solution, their reliability and their fast implementation in opposition with the rigid solutions.

The Flexible fire tank complete set

Pronal has provided 5 complete sets including :

  • 120m3 flexible fire tanks answering to AFNOR NF S62-250 and NF S65-240 standards
  • Hydrants shall, suction application of BAYARD company
  • And PVC connecting sets to connect the flexible tank at the hydrant shall

This complete solution helps our partner to make the purchase process easier, as only one supplier will provide him the whole set

Borne incendie et réservoir
The idea was to provide my various sites accessible water points in case of fire, fast and simple to implement to be effective during installation.
French partner
Creator of photovoltaic installations

A simple and quick installation

Here, few civil tasks are required, they only have to think about the water lines frost protection and the creation of the flexible tank platform. Our fire tank is quick and simple to install.

Citerne souple eau incendie
Réserve souple incendie
The flexible fire tanks is an economical & quick to set up solution that allows us to ensure our site compliance with the anti fire protection regulation. No doubts on their reliability, the flexible tanks have also the advantage to feet to every site specifications. Easy to install, quick to deliver, After sales service easy to reach, we highly recommend PRONAL!
Vincent Léger
Leger père et fils company
of installation per flexible fire tank (for 3 persons)
installation days with civil engineering
flexible fire tanks of 120 m3 installed

Would you like more information on this project?

Vous pouvez contacter nos experts qui sont adeptes de ce genre de projet pour avoir plus d’informations et être conseillé

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