The Valladolid university and the European Union have draws on the expertise of Pronal teams to develop “seaweeds growth” solution in the agroindustrual activities. We offered them a solution with our VOLUTEX open tank used as a storage silo. 

Seaweeds growth solution in the agroindustrial activities

The Valladolid university and the European Union (Life – UE), have worked together on the LIFE + Infegral Carbon Project. They have draws on the expertise of PRONAL teams to develop “seaweeds growth” solution in the agroindustrial activities. The main objective of this Project was to launch a solution able to use released gases to accelerate algaes farming. Then, they can be used as fertilizers in the agricultural activities. That is why we offered them a solution with our open tank VOLUTEX.

PRONAL solution and our VOLUTEX open tank

Originally, VOLUTEX is an on top opentank dedicated to liquids or powders storage. This kind of opentank can also be used as water storage, aquaculture, storage vessel… The polyester rot-proof fabric linin insures tightness, and the easy to set up circular steel framework guarantees its resistance.

Testimonial: VOLUTEX open tank utilisation

Precise your application, the use of your VOLUTEX open storage

Pronal open tank is used to product algaes biomass as a greenhouse sump to tap into the agroindustrials discharges. With this kind of tank, we can grow seaweeds everywhere, while setting the installation in the area where gases are produced. Then, they are spread as biofertilizer on farm crops.

réservoir ouvert

Is it a new kind of culture ? Or an existing system improvement ?

Traditional crops systems cannot be moved whereas agroindustrial production varies from season to season. With this kind of system and thanks to its transportability, several agroindustries can share the same opentank. They will thus limit their gases emissions and cut costs in carbon emissions management.

This kind of decontamination system becomes a productive investment, through the biofertilizer sale, that provides an environmental image for the company that chose this solution.

Compared to other investors ?

With this kind of bladder, it’s posible to integrate devices for seaweeds growth (gas system, waste liquid recirculation) but also to drain and to clean the tank easily to deplace it.

Cleaness is imperative to grow algaes, light must be maximal. With other type of tanks, it’s more difficult to clean or to change elements.

Which improvement could we bring to the open tank VOLUTEX ?

The cover with 6 windows let the light enter the tank. But it could be interesting to create several light windows towards the tank to catch more light. The more it will be clear, the more we’ll optimize this system productivity, with more algaes biomass prodution in an economic way.

Would you like more information on this project?

Vous pouvez contacter nos experts qui sont adeptes de ce genre de projet pour avoir plus d’informations et être conseillé

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