Discover how our inflatable jack can significantly prevent product loss in the food industry, specifically in grated cheese production.

The Company’s needs 

Our customer is a pioneering Swiss enterprise in the food sector, specializing in high-quality grated cheese production. They run a 24/7 continuous process using three grating machines. Unfortunately, they face a significant challenge : substantial product loss due to the dispersion of grated cheese between the floor and the grating machine. 

This is where our innovation, the inflatable jack, comes into play.  

PRONAL ‘S inflatable jack technology as the Ideal Solution 

Our inflatable jack cylinders are crafted from high-quality elastomeric materials and assembled through autoclave vulcanization. By offering complete customization options, including various materials and accessories, we enable you to adapt the inflatable jack to your exact specifications: pressure, temperature, chemical contact, lifespan, and attachment options. 

How Does the inflatable jack Work

The functioning of the inflatable jack is simple yet effective. When inflated, the cylinder applies an evenly distributed force across the surface. In the context of grated cheese production, this force creates a seal that prevents the cheese from scattering, thereby minimizing product loss. 

Special inflatable jacks

Customer Testimonial 

Our Swiss customer has enthusiastically adopted this solution and has been implementing it for over a decade. Using three cylinders for their three grating machines, they have expressed satisfaction with the product‘s ease of use and effectiveness. The return on investment has been notably positive, enabling them to significantly reduce losses and optimize their production chain. 

Indeed, our customer recognizes the ease of use and speed of the cylinder. He uses 3 cylinders for the 3 rasps and is very satisfied with this solution which they have used for more than 10 years ! 

Why Choose PRONAL’s inflatable jack ? 

  • Loss Reduction : Thanks to the seal it provides, our inflatable jack significantly reduces product loss. 
  • Ease of Use and Quick Installation: Our flexible inflatable jack are designed to be intuitive and quick to set up, allowing for rapid adoption by production teams. 
  • Durability and Reliability: Made from high-quality materials and rigorously tested, our inflatable jack cylinders are built to last. 

For more information on how PRONAL’s inflatable jack can optimize your production process and reduce product losses, feel free to contact us at or call us at 0320997500. 

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