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Flexible tanks for transport on flatbed trucks

On 13 June 2016
Flexible tanks for transport on flatbed trucksFlexible tanks for transport on flatbed trucksFlexible tanks for transport on flatbed trucks
A flexible transport tank for the civilian and military fuel logistics


When it comes to fuel logistics, there is hardly any difference between the civilian and military operations. Timely deliveries, reliability and safety are important factors in daily operations.

The Pronal flexible tanks are ideally suited for storage of all types of fuels and hydrocarbons. They have been tested and approved by the French military. They make it possible to quickly erect storage depots used for, for example, Life-Camps, emergency expansion of storage capacities at fuel depots, fuel supply for troops, land based landing strips, maintenance crews working on electric power transformers, etc.

These tanks can also be adapted for storage and transport of drinking water.


Pronal flexible tanks, type Dynamic: transport of fuels by trucks

In most cases, the Pronal-Dynamic tanks will be loaded onto flatbed trucks. However, they are also suitable for transport on boats. The quick and simple installation makes it possible to deploy them for a variety of uses from one truck.

Due to the assembly process by hot vulcanization in an autoclave, the Pronal fuel tanks are known for their robustness, homogeneity, and long term reliability. The side skirting and tie down straps ensure stability during transportation.


Deployed and well accepted in Peru as a mobile storage system

The Peruvian Air Force have recently reaffirmed their confidence in the Pronal flexible tanks by purchasing several additional Dynamic tanks with a capacity of 7m3 each for the air transport of   liquids. They will be primarily used to resupply fuel to remote regions. Some of the tanks will be used for storage and transport of drinking water.


« This is the first time that a private Peruvian enterprise will be utilizing the Pronal flexible tanks. While most of the time these tanks are used for fuel transport, we were able to transport 2000 tons of liquefied Calcium Chloride. The tanks are light weight which is very important for the useful load in such convoys. We were able to reduce the flight times by 18% compared to the conventional tanks. As a result of these operations we realized savings of 200,000 Euros. It is a much more practical solution than the rigid tanks. No more overloading and no more empty flights ! »

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