Bolted Fuel Tanks RAMBolted Fuel Tanks RAM

Bolted Fuel Tanks RAM

Our Bolted Fuel Tanks RAM are cylindrical fixed-roof tanks for storing fuels (diesel, jet fuel, …) in your depot. RAMs are a form of hybrid tank combining the advantages of conventional rigid steel tanks with those of flexible tanks:

  • Easily transported to remote areas where access is difficult,
  • Can be quickly installed or dismantled,
  • The liner is compatible with the majority of fuels,
  • Modular accessories are available.

RAM tanks comprise:

  • A metal structure composed of bolted steel plates,
  • A panel roof, beams, and a completely tight PVC liner,
  • A hot vulcanized internal storage liner in elastomer reinforced coating fabrics,
  • Accessories for: unloading/loading, level measurement, sampling, and fire protection.

A bolted tank of 500 m3 is stored in two ISO 20 ‘containers. This hydrocarbon storage solution can be installed by a team of 5 people in less than 6 days.



  • External steel structure
  • High chemical compatibility of liner
  • Precise monitoring of fuel level (standard)


  • Fire rings
  • Flames and blow-hole off
  • Water drain


  • Easily and rapidly assembled
  • Stored in two ISO 20′ containers
  • Different modes of transport possible

Detailed information

  • Material: External steel structure – Rubber-coated liner
  • Technique: hot vulcanization in a vacuum autoclave
  • Capacity: 500 m3
  • Accessories:
    • 1 level gauge
    • 1 water drain
    • 1 sampling system
    • fire rings
    • 1 flame and blow-hole off
    • 1 inlet/outlet for filling and emptying
    • 1 manhole
    • 1 overflow
    • 1 footbridge.

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Our design department employs the best project leaders and designers and will be pleased to develop and create a tailor-made product specially for your unique project.


Composition / Advice

Care during use
A concrete base foundation must be laid prior to the installation (in accordance with Pronal recommendations). Suitable weather conditions.

Standards / regulations

Please contact us
In accordance with the conditions of the Pronal guarantee


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