Jonathan Bracco, employee of the company TRBA in the public works sector, has developed in partnership with Pronal an inflatable solution for manhole shuttering. An original innovation, which avoids the traditional formwork.

Correctly and securely seal the manhole

Did you know that 80% of our manhole covers are sunken? This is one of the problems to be solved for road safety, and more particularly for motorcyclists who are highly exposed.

This problem is in most cases the result of poor inspection manhole sealing. And for good reason, there are very few effective ways to properly and quickly seal manhole covers.

Indeed, to achieve this application, construction companies must use concrete shuttering. This formwork will allow the concrete to flow all around the manhole, without impacting the inspection chamber.

Unfortunately, it’s very complicated to make a cylindrical manhole shuttering!

Traditional formwork (wooden formwork, concrete formwork or engineered formwork) is not working in this situation. Companies therefore use artisanal formwork:

  • hardboard tapes, which are not easy to process;
  • cylindrical metal forms, which are very heavy;
  • or loose materials, such as mortar and bricks.

Jonathan Bracco, working at TRBA in the public works sector, noted this recurring problem. He is looking to achieve light formwork, easy to install, faster, resistant, and reusable. This new solution would make it possible, during sealing, to lessen the physical aspect and to put the workers in safety.

coffrage regard gonflable

Pneumatic manhole shuttering

Jonathan turned to Pronal for his inflatable shuttering. He was familiar with our pneumatic products, and in particular our pipe plugs, indeed there are similar to this solution. Pronal has produced a shutter balloon used as formwork. This inflatable formwork consists of:

  • 1 handling handle,
  • an air exhaust plug,
  • a pressure relief valve,
  • an inflation coupler,
  • a reinforced part for contact with concrete.

The sealing balloon can be of standard dimensions for existing manholes, ranging from 600 to 700 mm in diameter. But it can also be tailor-made; for each dimension its inflatable formwork.

When inflated with air, the solution will fit the walls of the manhole. Then placed, it will be used as a concrete slab reservation system. Concrete is the strongest material today, it can be poured all around the pneumatic formwork, without putting any in the inspection chamber.

inspection manhole cover
coffrage regard de visite

The advantages of this solution

  • Quick and easy to use: saves time;
  • Quick and easy form stripping;
  • Easy storage: once deflated, the product takes up little space;
  • Custom-made or standard;
  • Reusable;
  • Lightweight.
  • High resistance: concrete cover above and under the base of the manhole cover;
  • Perfect seal: no cleaning of the inspection chamber after installation.

In addition, safety is a highlight thanks to this pneumatic manhole formwork. Indeed, by its perfect seal, no residue comes to soil in the inspection chamber. The workers are therefore no longer obliged to descend into it in order to clean it.

Also, during the sealing of the inspection manhole, there is no risk of falling. Indeed the workers can work safely.

Conclusion of the application with this tool

Until today, TRBA company regularly uses this solution and is very satisfied. Many times used and approved, the inflatable formwork for road buffer sealing has a great future for it.

In addition, Jonathan Bracco would like to incorporate it by all public works companies, to facilitate the work of all his colleague.

I am very satisfied of your interest for my invention. I will recommend Pronal company without any problem because I feel sincerity, confidence and enthusiasm for people who have a project make sense
Jonathan Bracco
TRBA Company

Would you like more information on this project?

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