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Inflatable stoppers are used to temporarily or permanently plug pipes and pipeline systems. They can be used in a wide range of sectors thanks to their varied diameters, including: sanitation networks, primary or secondary networks in nuclear sites, offshore pipelines/platforms

These inflatable solutions make it possible to perform tightness tests on pressurized pipelines, can isolate pipes during maintenance operations or during hydraulic testing, are used to temporarily/permanently plug pipes to avoid toxic spills, or to inert tubes during welding …

We also provide sealing products for offshore platforms in addition to our inflatable stoppers. These specially-designed stoppers trap air in the steel structure and provide extra natural buoyancy. As an extension of this range, we also produce sealing products for sea-floor cementing operations.

Because of the materials that are employed and the products’ purpose-built design, PRONAL stopper solutions are suitable for all types of piping.

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