Pronal: Some solutions be an old hand..!

Pronal: Some solutions be an old hand..!

Let’s start with a 360° to have a look around our products and solutions developed to the wineyard market

Since 1961, that is to say already 60 years, Pronal designs and manufactures a wide range of flexible solutions. Our solutions are dedicated to provide our customers with the right and perfect solution to their requirements (to lift / to store / to plug / to secure).

Concerning the wine yard market, Pronal developed a large range of solutions to be able to offer the needed items at all stages of the manufacturing process.

  • Fruits pressing,
  • Volume compensation in vats,
  • Placing bottles on pallets (in/out) to the filling bottles line,
  • To plug the manhole during the cleaning of the stainless steel vat.

And yourself… what are your needs?

Use the inflatable grippers to secure all your positioning on pallets

The Pronal inflatable grippers are installed on the filling lines at the placing on the pallet section to enable the moving of all your bottles’ shapes.

Our few different ranges give us the possibility to answer all customers’ inquiries. In some cases, it could be possible too to use the same grippers with different bottles shape (see the MCS grippers). This major innovation could save you some time and could avoid you to manage many different stocks.

MDG inflatable bottle grippers
functional scheme about flexible membrane use

The flexible membranes

A lot of presses are equipped with some polyurethane membranes to take off the juice from the grape. The membranes are manufactured in shape to be able to fit all kinds of press. A consistent pressure inside the membranes makes it possible to pull off the juice from the grape without inconvenience. All membranes set up on the central mandrel or on half vat will fit perfectly all your configurations.

Polyurethane inflatable stoppers for your stainless steel tank cleaning

Stoppers in polyurethane is the best behavior to use for cleaning the stainless steel vat. The descaling and the vat cleaning are some really important things to do to avoid all wine degradations. The vat cleaning is doing possible when using some movable arms properly installed from the manhole. In using this way you will be sure to do a great job to avoid all external splash during this time.

Obturateur gonflable en PU pour trou d'homme de cuve
Vinifair et les ballons de vinification

Polyurethane compensators

Our range of inflatable compensators is always manufactured according to your specific features and of course taking account of your vat type. Our range of membranes is used in many applications.

We could find it during the maceration process. On this step, the compensator is inflated in the hight section of the vat. It keeps the wine grounds in the hidden part to be able to take off all tannin and Anthocyanes who will provide a better quality to the wine. Using this system to avoid a grid use or some rise wine up the vat. It’s important too to use the inflatable membrane during the wine aging time. It’s an important step to be sure to provide a great wine.

Ageing conditions are crucial to obtain a good quality wine, during that phase inflatable compensation systems have an important role to play!
Vats are not always adapted to the volume to be stored, winemakers are generally forced to mix different juices/wines to adjust their volumes.
In order to avoid these mixes and to allow a vinification by plot, the inflatable membrane is used in the vats to compensate volume difference & avoid any contacts between the wine and the air, not to alter the wine quality. (see also the vinification method of one of our customers with wine-making ballons)

All these flexible solutions are easy to use but also quick and economical as well. Of course everything modular and suitable for your equipment.

Pronal manufacture all products to offer you quickness and comfort at work.

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