Which inflatable stopper is the best choice for your application ?

Which inflatable stopper is the best choice for your application ?

We often talk about our stoppers, especially on how to identify your need according to the diameter to plug and how to use it. But do you know which type of inflatable stopper is the best suited to your application? Whether you work in the nuclear, sanitation, offshore, or even environment industry, there is always a type of stopper dedicated to your sector! Let’s recap!

What is an inflatable stopper?

The inflatable stoppers, also called plugs, are used to plug pipes and conduits whether temporarily or on an ongoing basis. These plugs are inflated remotely in order to work in all safety. Once installed, the pipelines can be repaired, tested or be transported on the water by buoyancy! As you can see, there is a wide range of possible applications and for each one a dedicated stopper.

OPL pneumatic stoppers

Sanitation systems

Repairs, maintenances, test: OPL/OPLT

The OPL/OPLT inflatable stoppers are used in a temporary way to plug the pipeline networks and systems. They enable to make :

  • repairs of pipes of any type,
  • maintenances and cleanings,
  • temporary flow deviations,
  • and underpressure sealing tests, in the air or under the water thanks to the by-pass.

Made out of different high-performance elastomers, Pronal can propose OPL/OPLT stopper out of its standard range so that it can adapt to every type of liquid to contain: hydrocarbons, chemical solutions, industrial wastewater and so on…

Tests for manhole: OTR

The OTR inflatable stoppers enable to test of the manholes of sanitation systems. The introduction of OTR is made very easy thanks to its flexibility and its lightness. Besides, whatever the pipeline’s diameter, OTR’s height will always be 200 mm. This enables use in tight spaces. They are equipped with a by-pass device too for the underpressure sealing test.

Pronal Stoppers for inspection well testing
OPAP - Anti-pollution stoppers


Pollution response: OPAP and OFR

The OPAP et OFR plugs were designed to fight against accidental pollutions. Installed in the pipelines, they prevent fire water and other polluting liquids of pouring in nature. The OPAP is used to plug temporarily the pipelines of under 1000 mm of diameter. As for the OFR, it is used for an ongoing basis plugging in the pipelines of more than 1000 mm of diameter. The choice is yours!

By air

  • By hand, directly with the control box,
  • wired, linked to the fire automatic system,
  • or by mobile phone, remote application (installation without any civil engineering).

1.2 bar max

Technical applications


For high-pressure plugging, the right choice is the OHP and OPV inflatable stoppers! Designed to hold back strong back pressure, they enable to intervene on every type of pipes (concrete, PEHD, PVC…). They can be used in nuclear, offshore, or industry sectors. They can be found for :

  • maintenances or repairs of gas pipes,
  • hydraulic tests on primary/secondary nuclear circuits,
  • buoyancy of offshore platforms,
  • or for the plugging in a hydraulic dam.

By air or by water

by hand

over 3 bar

OHP - High-pressure stoppers
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