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Lifting cushions are used as an alternative to hydraulic cylinders. Their thinness when deflated means that they can be easily inserted into any space and lift loads of more than 70 tonnes. They have proven to be particularly useful in the industrial, civil protection, safety, and defense sectors. These inflatable solutions can be used in maintenance operations on construction sites and in industrial operations involving transportation, blocking and chocking, and handling. They also come into their own for lifting large goods vehicles, forkliftsduring repair and/or maintenance operations.

We also offer a special range of lifting cushions for the aeronautics sector dedicated to lifting aircraft following runway overrun or maintenance operations.

Made from elastomer-coated fabrics, the cushions are vacuum vulcanized at 140° C to provide high-strength products with optimized user safety.

Whatever your potential application, our inflatable cushions will always be rapidly deployable and simple to use!