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Looking for an open storage solution ?   

We have the solution. We have created a range of open top water storage tanks. This one allows you to quickly store raw or drinking water by its opening in the top part.  

Like our other ranges of flexible tanks, they are manufactured from highly resistant PVC coated fabrics and assembled by other frequency welding.    

These tanks are very easy to use, they are light and takes up very little space. We have two products in this range of open top water storage tanks.   

First of all, the onion water tank dedicated mainly to civil security or humanitarian organizations.  It is circular in shape and composed of an inflatable or foam float.   

Next, we have the water retention tank. It allows to store for a temporary or permanent period all types of solid or liquid elements. It can also be used as a water reserve, an effluent basin, a safety sandbox or a storage tank for decantation sludge. 

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