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Pronal inflatable jacks are systems that are generally inflated with air to perform mechanical functions such as pushing, pressing, guiding, clamping, blocking, damping, lifting, moving … In this way, they are an alternative to pneumatic and/or hydraulic rod cylinders.

They can be easily integrated into a range of mechanisms that are used in presses, moulds, conveyors, handling robots, lifting tables, specialized machines, … Alternatively, these air cushions can be inflated with other fluids such as water, oil, or glycol for use in specific applications.

All the inflatable jacks in the range are made from high-strength fabrics coated with synthetic rubber, perfectly suited to all industrial uses.

Pronal inflatable jacks have many advantages over traditional cylinders: they are very thin when deflated and have a reduced overall volume, they distribute thrust evenly, and adapt easily to different types of surfaces. Easy to use and quick to install, they can develop considerable force (several tens of tonnes of thrust). In addition, they do not require any maintenance.