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Do you want to store fertilizers? 

We have the solution : our fertilizer storage tanks. We have designed a flexible tank specifically for the storage and transportation of fertilizers. It is made from highly resistant PVC-coated fabrics (1300 g/m2) and assembled using high-frequency welding, which provides it with great durability and resistance to the chemicals used in fertilizers. 

Fertilizer storage tanks offer several advantages over other methods of fertilizer storage. Here are some common features: 

  • The closed tank helps control strong odors that may emanate from fertilizers. 
  • Stored fertilizers are protected from rain, preserving their purity and intended efficiency. 
  • Flexible tanks are available in a range of different sizes to adapt to specific storage needs. They can be used for short-term or long-term storage, as well as for fertilizer transportation. 
  • You can easily install them. They can be quickly deployed on a flat and stable surface, without requiring complex construction work like concrete or steel tanks. 
  • Flexible fertilizer tanks are designed to be leak-proof, reducing the risk of environmental contamination by fertilizers and ensuring operator safety. 

Most of the time, this flexible liquid fertilizer tank is accompanied by its retention tank. 

The precise specifications of fertilizer storage tanks can vary depending on each customer’s needs and the type of fertilizer to be stored. So, feel free to contact us ! 

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