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Inflatable stoppers for pollution control

In the interests of environmental protection, Pronal has developed a range of stoppers for the retention of any accidental pollution in case of a loss.

The stopper is permanently installed in lines at site boundaries. Its patented system maintains the stopper in the upper part of the line, and incorporates no component which might obstruct the flow of water. The stopper is connected by a hose to a control cabinet, which is arranged close to the manhole. The stopper can be actuated manually from the cabinet, or by means of a remote electrical control. The stopper can also be actuated by a pH probe or fire alarm.

The system offers numerous advantages, in terms of both installation and operation. Its installation requires no major civil engineering works. In the majority of installations, the provision of a bushing between the cabinet and the line concerned will suffice. The control cabinet can be used, not only for the inflation of the stopper, but also for the remote deflation of the stopper, without the need to enter the line concerned. Stoppers are available for pipes of all diameters, ranging from 100 to 1,000 mm.

This system forms part of risk prevention measures. Article 13 of the Ordinance of 05/08/2002 relating to the prevention of losses in undertakings requires establishments to equip their effluent and rainwater collection networks with stopper systems, in order to allow the retention of any accidental pollution.

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