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PRONAL has been serving the Nuclear maintenance market for a couple of decades. In the course of time, always being tune with customers’ requirements, PRONAL has built a strong reputation by developing be-spoke solutions.

It started with the flexible storage of effluents of GV cleaning operation, then sealing operations in secondary and primary circuit. Beyond offering customer made solutions, PRONAL is able to dispatch qualified intervention team to both install our product on site and to deliver good quality services.

Being awarded the Innovation trophy by DPN in 2012, for designing a sealing system to carry out hydraulic test in GSS, means a new collaboration step with EDF. The CEFRI certification acquired in 2015 is also a strong signal, showing PRONAL’s dedication to invest further and to join forces with EDF for enhancing both safety measures and performances of French Nuclear sites.

Whatever equipments it may be, either for temporary storage (even for emergency), both lifting (in reduced volume) and sealing purposes and anti-pollution devices, PRONAL is ready to take up the challenge and design products according to customer’s requirements.

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