Lifting transformer winding by VTR lifting bagsLifting transformer winding by VTR lifting bags

Inflatable Jack for transformer winding - VTR

The VTR inflatable jacks allow the adjustment of the height of the windings of the transformers. Indeed, during the assembly of the transformer, and at the end of the winding drying phase, it is sometimes necessary to adjust the height of the windings. 

When they are empty, the lifting bags are thin and flexible. It is then very easy to slide them between the windings. Once inflated with air, they gently lift the coil without deforming it. The operator can insert or remove the shims to adjust the height of the coil.

This transformer winding adjustment system is an alternative to the traditional hammer wedge. It not only saves time but also prevents damage to the coil.

Our pneumatic inflatable jacks are custom made to fit your needs. 

For all other applications, you can find our entire line of jacks made from plastomers or elastomers. Our flexible cylinders have several functions:  pushing, lifting, directing, clamping or sealing



  • Easier lifting
  • Fast intervention
  • Multipoint adjustment


  • Pressure regulator
  • Safe operator intervention
  • Winding protected from damage


  • Uniform lifting
  • Suitable dimensions
  • Constant pressure on the winding

Detailed information

  • Material: high quality coated fabric
  • Manufacturing technique: hot vulcanization under vacuum in an  autoclave
  • Dimensions: standard and tailor-made > contact us
  • Shape: trapezoidal or rectangular
  • Inflation: air
  • Temperature resistance: -30 to +70°C
  • Max. inflation pressure: 3.5 or 5 bar depending on type
  • Max. thickness: 2 or 3 mm depending on type
  • Lifting stroke: depending on dimensions

Technical informations

Ref. Lenght (mm/inch) Base width (mm/inch) Top width (mm/inch)
VTR 120/60/40 120 / 4.72 60 / 2.36 40 / 1.57
VTR 120/70/50 120 / 4.72 70 / 2.75 50/1.96
VTR 150/50/40 150 / 5.90 50 / 1.96 40 / 1.57
VTR 160/80/50 160 / 5.90 80 / 3.14 50 / 196

You can not find your dimensions

Our design department employs the best project leaders and designers and will be pleased to develop and create a tailor-made product specially for your unique project.


Composition / Advice

Care during use
Avoid any contact with surfaces that are excessively abrasive or have cutting edges. Stabilise and guide the load to lift.
Storage advice
Store away from light, damp and temperature variations, in its original case.
Inflation advice
Comply with the stated service pressure levels, refer to the manual.

Standards / regulations

1 year against all manufacturing defects.
ISO 9001, ISO 140001, ISO 45001.
Product test
Product delivered with its compliance certificate


Fact Sheets / Business Guides
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