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Inflatable stoppers for pipes

Ranges of stoppers are available for the closure of pipes of diameter ranging from 50 to 2,200 mm. They are used during the construction or maintenance of systems for the conduct of hydraulic tests under pressure, the isolation of pipes or the completion of temporary closure operations.

Each stopper has an expansion range which can accommodate a number of pipe diameters. Stoppers can retain a vertical water column (counter-pressure) at pressures up to 30 bar or more, depending upon the application concerned. The through-tubing, which is available on certain models, has a number of functions. It allows the release of counter-pressure before the stopper is removed, or the conduct of leak-tightness tests under pressure on a given pipe section.

The multi-functional capability of these products provides a solution for all closure requirements, regardless of the type of environment. The various materials used can accommodate the majority of applications (abrasion, chemical products, hydrocarbons, etc.).

Inflatable stoppers offer numerous benefits, including perfect leak-tightness, ease of insertion into the pipe concerned, rapid and practical inflation and deployment, and a high degree of resistance to wear.

Stoppers are manufactured from fabric, coated on both sides with an elastomer material. They then undergo hot vulcanization in an autoclave. This form of construction ensures the reliability and robustness of products.

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