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Pneumatic plugs for pipe sealing in a steel mill

On 02 May 2016
Pneumatic plugs for pipe sealing in a steel millPneumatic plugs for pipe sealing in a steel mill
A pneumatic plug made by Pronal used during dust removal operation in a steel mill

Steel mills

Even the most modern steel mills produce high emissions of visible smoke and iron oxide dust. Numerous improvements have led to a reduction of these emissions : 

  • elimination of certain converters  and types of furnaces
  • flue gas recovery systems ...

However, for a well-functioning steel mill, a dust removal operation is necessary and unavoidable, especially in the interest of environmental protection and the protection of steel workers.

The idea

PRONAL was contacted with a request développer une solution d'obturation pour certaines conduites à sections carrées de la tour d'une aciérieDuring the dust removal operation, it is important to protect the workers that are involved in this operation. The Pronal pneumatic plugs are placed in the designated openings and then inflated to provide a complete seal.


PRONAL's solution

PRONAL developed a system of pneumatic plugs made of PU material that are suitable for sealing these types of pipes. Once inserted in the pipe, they are inflated until the pipe wall is sealed. An inflation port at the top of the plug is used for the inflation.  An anchoring system facilitates the installation.

  • Several sizes have been developed (470 x 700 x 700 and 570 x 700 x 700) 

    in order to accommodate different size openings.



"In the early days we used sand bags to seal off the openings during the cleanup. This helped prevent materials from falling out and injuring workers. The first tests with pneumatic plugs that were carried out last March were very successful despite the fact that the anchoring system needed some improvement. These pneumatic plugs gave us ideas about additional applications which we are already planning on.”Xavier A.


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