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Inflatable gap filler

The gap filler is an inflatable solution integrated into the roof access gangways of all types of vehicles: train, bus, metro, tramway, or plane.

Once inflated, it fills the gap between the vehicle and the gangway during maintenance and/or vehicle manufacture. Thus it ensures the safety of the agents by preventing the fall of people and tools.

The gap filler is an innovative system that is quick and easy to install. As an alternative to the rigid system, its flexible material adapts to the shape of each vehicle gauge without damaging it. It is made to measure according to the gap to be filled and the dimensions of your gangways.

Depending on your needs, there are two types of loopholes:

  • a system with two supports (the vehicle and the gangway).
  • and a system without contact with the vehicle (only on the gangway), its hardness is sufficient to secure the operator.

The system is operated by a control box allowing its air supply.  This is installed by our service department and enhanced with options such as detection of pressure drop, vehicle presence detection, measurement of the vehicle/bridge space to adjust the inflation, etc. In addition to supplying the gap filler and its box, maintenance and product use training can be organized.

This inflation system is an essential tool for safe working.



  • Quick and easy installation,
  • Integration into the existing system,
  • Quick inflation


  • Audible and visual alarm in case of pressure loss,
  • Protection of the operator,
  • Protection of the vehicle,
  • Safety valve to prevent overpressure,
  • Non-slip surface,
  • Safety indicators/markings.


  • Custom-made,
  • Long service life,
  • Adaptable to vehicle dimensions and gangway dimensions.

Detailed information

For a gap filler section type two supports:

  • Material: polyurethane and inner bladder
  • Technique: high-frequency welding
  • Min/max length: 1000 to 10 000 mm
  • Diameter min / max. : 200> 500 mm
  • Inflation: in air
  • Inflation pressure: 0,14 bar
  • Accessories:
    • interconnection union (male/female),
    • force recovery skirt,
    • valve,
    • safety indicators/markings,
    • and venturi (optional).

For a section of 2 cushions for a gap filler without contact with the vehicle:

  • Material: Tridim
  • Technique: hot vulcanization under vacuum in an autoclave
  • Min/max length : 1000 to 10 000 mm
  • Max width: 250 mm (i.e. 125 mm for 1 cushion)
  • Clearance between the cushion and the vehicle: 30 mm
  • Inflation: in air
  • Max inflation pressure: 0.6 bar
  • Accessories :
    • 4 interconnecting unions, 
    • force recovery skirt,
    • venturi (optional),
    • and 2 valves.

You can not find your dimensions

Our design department employs the best project leaders and designers and will be pleased to develop and create a tailor-made product specially for your unique project.


Composition / Advice

Using advice:
Avoid contact with protruding or sharp surfaces.
Maintenance advice
To be checked in the event of a loss of pressure. Check the operation of the valve.
Storage advice
Store away from light, damp and temperature variations, in its original case.
Inflation advice
Pressure of 1 bar for the Tridim gap filler and 0.14 bar for the cylindrical gap filler.

Standards / regulations

1 year against all manufacturing defects
Safety coeficient
12 bar


Fact Sheets / Business Guides
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Interconnecting union
Control box
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