Special operations require having robust fuel logistics to rapidly flow fuel into remote locations. One of the priorities is therefore to reduce the vulnerability of forward-deployed forces to existing threats. High mobility and the use of combat aircraft by means of mobile arming and advanced refueling points becomes compulsory. Among these refueling points is the FARP: Forward Area Refueling Point.


Jetfighters and other combat vehicles, used in special operations, need efficient autonomy in the field. This is why the FARP allows their refueling in advanced post. As a key element of the Fuel logistic chain, this Forward Area Refueling Point must respond to multiple parameters such as:

  • mobility,
  • robustness,
  • easy of use,
  • and rapid deployment.

A FARP will be set up in approximately 15 minutes by the operators. Otherwise, it must be made up of air-transportable equipment by fixed or rotary-wing aircraft, as for instance a utility /medium transport helicopter (super puma, NH90, or heavier).

Point de ravitaillement FARP
Point de ravitaillement carburant FARP

The Pronal Forward Area Refueling Point (FARP)

Pronal is the unique French manufacturer of rollable helitransportable tanks (seal drums). We have also strengthened our range in order to offer full turnkey FARP refueling points. Thus, in a FARP type kit, we can provide:

  • 1 fuel pump group of 150Lpm from F34 / JP8,
  • 4 or 6 rollable hydrocarbon tanks 1900L,
  • 1 inflatable retention tank,
  • 1 aviation hose connection kit,
  • and 1 set of aviation refueling nozzles underwing and overwing.

Rollable filled hydrocarbon tanks allow high mobility. They are easy to move depending on the location of the vehicle to be refueled. Once empty, their folded volume is very small. This makes it possible to load other materials into the aircraft.


The main advantages of this advanced refueling solution:

  • tailor-made according to the stored fuel capacity,
  • turnkey,
  • time-saving thanks to high mobility,
  • the safety of your operators,
  • and the safety of a clean environment left after refueling.

To conclude, all equipment described in this kit is tailor-made and adaptable to the required fuel storage capacities. The quantity of products supplied is adjustable according to your mission. Thus, your operations take place in complete safety and the vulnerability of your advanced forces is not affected.

You can also find us during the installation of logistics plots to carry out load breaks. Pronal is also a supplier of storage and distribution solutions for fuel and water supply areas.

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