In oil depots, safety and quality are the keywords. Hundreds of loads are made every day in order to transport the finished products to the consumption center without altering their quality or quantity. 

Different modes of transport are used for transfers, but this project deals with fuel’s unloading and loading from tank trucks.

Fuel unloading and fuel loading:

Once extracted and refueled, petroleum products are stored in a storage depot called an oil depot. They will be collected and transferred by tankers to fuel distribution points or other depots.

The main activities of a depot are:

  • fuel unloading during refueling,
  • storage of petroleum products,
  • loading fuel into tank trucks for removal.

These unloading and loading activities between operating tanks and tankers must be rapid without altering the quality and quantity of the fuel.

That’s why companies are looking for equipment:

  • allowing a flow rate of 1000 Lpm;
  • easy to use;
  • complete with filtration system and metering system to ensure the quantity and quality of fuel;
  • allowing the mechanical selection of the unloading or loading circuit in a single gesture;
  • and compatible with any (universal) storage system.
dépôt pétrolier

The Pronal solution: the containerized pumping filtration metering module (MPFM)

The MPFM, Containerized Pump Filtration Metering Module perfectly answers the needs of petroleum depots. 

All in one piece, it allows fuel unloading, as well as loading, with an actual flow rate of 1000 Lpm. A 5-way valve allows quick and easy selection between the unloading circuit and the loading circuit. It’s also complemented by a metering group that guarantees the petroleum products quantity.

For the filtration system, it ensures the irreproachable quality of the hydrocarbons by filtering the particles and separating the water before the storage.

Divided into two parts with a pumping part, the second part of the container allows the storage of our flexible operating tanks, intended for supplying tanker truck loading stations.

So you can create your own oil depot, it can be supplied with:

Once empty, we can rehabilitate the rest of the container in an office, meeting room, or storage room. Containerized, this module is transportable under different modes of transport. It is also super easy to deploy.

Dépôt carburant avec module
MPFM - Measuring Pumping Filtration Modules

Benefits and conclusion of the module

The containerized pumping module makes it possible to create an oil depot quickly and easily on any hydrocarbon storage site. It ensures the storage of clean fuel, whether in tanks (conventional or flexible) or in tank trucks. Thanks to the module, a receiving tank to allow the fuel to settle on arrival are now not necessary. To conclude, the main key words quantity, quality, and speed are followed to the letter!

If you are interested in refueling projects, we also suggest you discover the FARP project.

Would you like more information on this project?

Vous pouvez contacter nos experts qui sont adeptes de ce genre de projet pour avoir plus d’informations et être conseillé

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